Our Mantra:

‘Food is an art, Cook from the heart’

At Mantra Thai, we are committed to delivering an original Thai taste to Newcastle with the best and freshest Thai food we can, and to keep our high level of quality because we care.

Our chefs from Thailand have over 40 years experience between them and are extremely passionate in producing authentic, distinctive dishes from around the country to give you a special dining experience you won’t forget.

Although there are a lot of restaurants in Newcastle and the surrounding North East, we felt there wasn’t anywhere that gave people a true, authentic taste of Thai food. When people think of Thai food, they often think of curries and spicy food but when there’s so much more to offer… and the exact reason why we opened Mantra Thai; so you can explore all the authentic flavours of Thailand, that will leave you wanting more.

Our passion is to show our hearts through our food and service with a Thai smile.